Falcon10 : Customize Windows Desktop Taskbar

Falcon10 is a small tool that can help you customize the taskbar in your Windows PC. The icons in the taskbar of your Windows desktop are usually aligned to the the left of the screen. Using the Falcon10 tool, you can align them to the center of the taskbar giving it the same look as that you will often find in Mac OS. The tool is also able to hide the taskbar and center the start button.

This small tool called Falcon10 is designed using the AutoIt scripting software and does not give you too many configuration options. When you launch it, it will place an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. As you double-click on this notification area icon, it will display the Falcon10 window where you can see the three options that it offers.

Using these three options, you can center the start menu button, center the taskbar icons and hide the taskbar altogether. All of these options work together to give you the same effect as you find in Apple’s Mac OS. The taskbar icons belonging to all the open windows and applications are centered, the start menu icon is also centered if desired and if you don’t like taskbar, then you can hide it away.


In my opinion, Falcon10 is designed by a programming newbie and might not work as desired in some situations. This is why you should avoid using it on work computers. In any case, the software is designed only for Windows 10 64-bit build 1803. It won’t work on 32-bit versions of Windows 10 or on earlier releases of Windows 10 like the build 1607. Furthermore, it is limited to the single screen computers – if you have connected two or more screens to your PC then it will fail to recognize the extra screens and will not affect the taskbars in those screens.

You can download Falcon10 Windows desktop taskbar tweaking tool from http://chrisandriessen.nl/downloads/#files%2FFalcon10.