HitFilm Express : Free Professional Video Editing and Effects Software

One of the pet peeves of Windows users is the lack of video editing software for preparing their videos for publishing them on Youtube. Yes, there are very popular video editing software available from Cyberlink, Adobe and TechSmith, but they are all very expensive. On the other hand, Apple Mac users have some of the very high quality video editors and you can see the difference in their videos posted on Youtube when compared to the videos posted by Windows users. But now Windows users do not have to be satisfied with “OK” quality videos. Now they can use a free but very professional and feature loaded video editing and effects software called HitFilm Express.

HitFilm Express is a really powerful video editing software that provides everything you need to get mind blowing video editing results. You can compare it with open source Lightworks, but it has a very long learning curve and you will need months of experience to actually produce good quality videos. But HitFilm Express is something that you can learn very fast and obviously will get better as time passes by.

HitFilm Express

Among the large number of features provided by HitFilm Express (for free), are animation tools, audio normalization, composite shot enhancement, unlimited tracks (you can have videos of unlimited time length), picture in picture (use one video inside another which is very common on Youtube), transitions, audio mixer, vertical video (converts your smartphone “vertical” video to horizontal in a graceful manner) and hundreds of others. On top of these, you can add many more feature using what are called add-ons. You can download these add-ons and install them in HitFilm Express and you get even more features.

In order to get free HitFilm Express, you will have to create a free account and they will email you the download link from where you can download the installer. At present the download is around 350 MB in size and it must be activated using the login credentials of your free account.

You can download HitFilm Express from https://fxhome.com/express.