M8 Free Clipboard : Keep Multiple Copied Items in Clipboard

The well known limitation of the Windows clipboard often puts us in that frustrating situation when we can do nothing but stare at the computer screen while trying to pull our hair and clench the fists at the same time. That important information that you had in the clipboard is suddenly gone and now you will have to repeat all those steps and waste another 30 minutes of time to get it back or perhaps the information is not even recoverable.

A quick solution to alleviate this problem in Windows is to use a third party clipboard manager like M8 Free Clipboard that can hold up to 14 different entries in its database at the same time. This clipboard solution integrates well into the operating system and works together with the common copy-paste hotkeys Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. As soon you copy something to the clipboard, M8 Free Clipboard also stores it in its own database – notifying you by making a small ping. It does not matter what kind of data is being copied – graphics, text, formatted text, binary data – M8 Free Clipboard handles it all.

M8 Free Clipboard

In the main window of the software, you can see a list of all the copied items. You can click on any of them to see a preview in a small window which saves your time if there are many items and you have to pick one of them. As new items are copied, the oldest items are removed from the clipboard to make space for the newest ones.

The paste function has also been enhanced by a few special operations such as – pasting plain-text (removing all formatting), change everything to upper case, change everything to lower case, change to proper case, and more. There are also custom function buttons that you can configure to perform special pasting functions using the Spartan scripting language.

Conclusion: M8 Free Clipboard is an enhancement to the limited native clipboard of the Windows operating system. It allows you to hold up to 14 items in the clipboard and gives you special pasting functions to make your life easy.

You can download M8 Free Clipboard from http://m8software.com/clipboards/freeclip/freeclip.htm