PinClipBoard : Clipboard Manager for Windows and Mac

PinClipBoard is a clipboard manager for computers running Windows and Mac. It is able to store all the data that you ever copy to the clipboard for later use. It also allows you to pin the clipboard data under various categories like text, images or folders. After the installation, you can access it from the notification area of Windows desktop.

As soon as you copy something using the popular Ctrl+V hotkey, it gets copied to the clipboard and to PinClipBoard database. Now you can launch PinClipBoard anytime to see a list of all the items that you ever copied to the clipboard. You can right-click on any of these items and choose to copy them back to the clipboard so that you can paste them somewhere else.

If you have copied some data that you think can be re-used later once or more, then you can pin this for later use. For example, if you have copied an image to the clipboard, you can select it in PinClipBoard right-click on it and select Pin it. That image then will be pinned for later use and can be accessed from the Pin Board.


One of the brilliant features of PinClipBoard is that it stores all of the clipboard data in its own database. So even if you accidentally or intentionally delete the original image file from your hard drive or cannot find the website from where you copied an image, even then the image will be accessible from PinClipBoard as it has been stored in the database. The image will be removed only when you remove it from PinClipBoard.

In the settings of PinClipBoard you will not find many configuration options. There are only two things that you can change – you can set it to automatically start with Windows and to stay on top of all other open windows.


PinClipBoard is a small and lightweight clipboard manager and can store the copied items to its own database. But there is no password protection and anyone can see your history of copied items including images, passwords, website addresses and so on.

You can download PinClipBoard from