RedNotebook : Modern Day Journal for PC and Mac

In the older days, people used to write their diaries and journals in the traditional manner. The Diary of a Young Girl and Diary of Anne Frank are reminder of those times. But with the popularity of smartphones and notebook computers, now people have switched to online blogs and journals. If you do not want to start your own online journal, then you can use an offline journal software like RedNotebook to write down all the interesting thoughts that are going through your head.

RedNotebook is an open-source software that works on all the popular platforms meant for a desktop computer like Windows, Mac, a number of Linux flavors and BSD variants. You can find both the installer versions as well as the portable versions of RedNotebook.

This easy-to-use journal software has a very simple and straightforward interface. You simple have to select one of the dates from calendar shown in the left side. You can select any date, but the today’s date is selected by default. After this you can make entries in the right hand side. A very familiar markdown text format is used for creating the entries. For example, a text surrounding by two asterisks becomes bold, a text string surrounded by two underscores becomes italicized and so on. Furthermore, there are some text templates that you can select to make your markdown look different.


RedNotebook can be used as an organizer of tasks and notes, because using ready-made text templates you can create and edit important events, upcoming meetings and post other personal information. In addition, the software provides the ability to create new templates, insert photos, files, and links to websites.

Even more interesting of all the options is the ability to format the text, create backups to a ZIP file and export the entire contents of the log to a PDF, HTML or LaTeX. This way, you can print your journal entries or upload them to your website if desired.

You can download RedNotebook from