Tinkercad : Free Online 3D Design Tool from Autodesk

Autodesk has always been at the forefront of computer aided design technologies since the early 1990s. They have been successfully adopting the new trends and technologies as they are becoming popular. Keeping up with the times, they have made a free online tool Tinkercad available for everyone using which you can create 2D and 3D designs of your own. You can export your designs in form of well known file formats, you can send them directly to 3D printers, you can import your 3D designs saved from other software like OpenSCAD or FreeCAD and more.

Being a product of Autodesk, Tinkercad is very easy-to-use and offers a highly interactive interface. In the center is your work-plane and you can add as many shapes as you want on this work-plane, change the dimensions, relocate them, stretch them or shrink them – all by using your mouse. If you have been using OpenSCAD, then you will find Tinkercad much much easier and faster to complete a project.


Tinkercad offers a large library of ready-to-use shapes like basic shapes, texts, numbers, connectors, circuit assemblies, circuit components, and more. It also comes with shape generators using which you can create your own shapes starting from a basic shape.

Unlike OpenSCAD and FreeCAD, Tinkercad does not support a large number of file formats. You can import only STL, OBJ and SVG files. And you can export your designs to these same file formats. Furthermore, you can send the designs directly to the 3D printing services like MakerBot, TreatStock, PolarCloud, Voodoo, and Teach. Of course, if you already have a good 3D printer of your own then you can save the file as STL and then use it to print it on your printer.

You can start creating your designs with Tinkercad at https://www.tinkercad.com/.