Vidiot : Open-Source Software for Casual Video Editing

Vidiot is an open-souce non-linear video editor that does not offer many features found in some other commercial video editing software, but it is very easy to use and can work with all the popular media files. It works in both Windows and Linux but has unfortunately no support for Mac which is popular among the Youtubers.

Vidiot is available both as an installer as well as a portable program. In either case, you can launch the Vidiot editor and start adding the video files that you want to include in your project. Afterwards, you can add different audio tracks to these videos files, add fade-in or fade-out effects between these video clips etc. Apart from the video and audio files, you can also add images. If you want to add some texts, then you cannot add text directly – you will have to add it by adding an image file. You have to drag-n-drop these various files on the timeline to include them in the final movie.

Vidiot Video Editor

Different aspects of the various files that you have added are controlled by a “Details” panel displayed in the middle of the Vidiot window. You can change the time duration, opacity, scaling, speed, rotation, position etc. for the image files. For the video and audio files, you can also video key frames, audio key frames, volume level and the stereo balance. The video fade-in or fade-out could be many different styles like barn door, fade to color, image gradient, wipe clock, video crossfade, push, wipe arc, wipe circle, wipe image, wipe straight etc.

Once you are done editing the video, you can then choose to create the movie file by choosing Sequence → Render Movie from the menubar. You can also change the video encoding settings from the menubar by choosing Sequence → Render Settings.

Vidiot is small video editor but contains everything needed for basic video editing requirements for the intermediate level of video editing, for example, for the Youtube users.

You can download Vidiot from