How to Enable Auto-Correct for Hardware Keyboard in Windows 10

Auto-correct is something that Microsoft made popular when they first released it with their Microsoft Office software suite back in 90s. Because auto-correct could automatically suggest new words and fix minor typing mistakes, it became instant hit with offices worldwide. Before the auto-correct, people used to be very careful when typing which resulted in slower typing and they also had to read everything they types just to check spelling mistakes. Auto-correct has made typing more efficient, more accurate and quicker.

And starting with Windows 10 build 1803 (April 2018 update), Microsoft has introduced auto-correct for all applications in your PC. Now you can enable auto-correct in Windows 10 for your hardware keyboard so that no matter which application you are using, Windows can use auto-correct to suggest words and fix your spelling mistakes or typos. Notepad, WordPad, Libre Office Writer, Chrome browser, Edge browser, Skype – it works universally for all applications.

Here is how you can enable Auto-Correct for Hardware Keyboard in Windows 10:

  1. Press Win+I to open Windows settings. You can also click on Start menu icon and select Settings.
  2. In the settings window, select Devices.Enable Auto-Correct for Hardware Keyboard in Windows 10
  3. From the left-side, select Typing.
  4. Scroll down and enable both settings – Show text suggestions as I type and Autocorrect misspelled words I type that are displayed under the section Hardware keyboard.
  5. That’s it. Now your system is ready with auto-correct. It will work with the physical keyboards of all sorts – in-built keyboards with laptops, wired keyboards and wireless keyboards. You can launch Notepad and try typing to see auto-correct spring into action.Enable Auto-Correct for Hardware Keyboard in Windows 10

There are certain limitations to the auto-correct feature in Windows 10. First of all, it is supported only for US English and no other language. And secondly, it is rather limited compared to some other similar features like the ones offered by Microsoft Office and the auto-correct features of various web browsers.