How to Enable Incognito Mode in Youtube App for Android

Google Chrome web browser has the incognito mode for many years now. The incognito mode in Chrome prevents the web browser from saving your web browsing history in order to protect your privacy. In this mode, the browser does not save the cookies, the cache, the visited URLs etc. As soon as you switch to the normal mode, the web browser seems like you never visited all the sites that you accessed in the incognito mode.

Now Google has added the same incognito mode in the official Youtube app for Android smartphones. By enabling this incognito mode, you can watch Youtube videos anonymously. In this mode, Youtube does not save your search and played videos history. Here is how you can enable the incognito mode in the Youtube app for Android:

  1. First of all update the Youtube app in your Android smartphone to the latest version. The incognito mode is available in the version 13.25.56, so you must be using the Youtube app of this version or even a newer version.Youtube Incognito Mode
  2. Launch the Youtube app and tap on the user icon near the top-right corner.
  3. From the options that appear on your screen select Turn on incognito.
  4. Youtube app will instantly switch to the incognito mode and a toast message will be displayed on the screen telling you what the incognito mode does and whether your internet service provider know about your video watching history.Youtube Incognito Mode

You can easily tell whether your Youtube app is in the incognito mode by looking at the user icon which shows an incognito mode icon instead of the user icon or user account picture. It also displays “You’re incognito” at the bottom of the Youtube app. You can turn off the incognito mode by repeating the same steps, by restarting the app or by leaving the app idle for some time.