Linux Lite : Easy Linux for the Beginners

Personally when somebody asks me which distros of Linux should they install, I always tell them about Ubuntu and Mint. But these distributions are not for everyone, not especially for the beginners. For the people who have never used Linux in their life there is an easy-to-use beginner-friendly distribution called Linux Lite.

Works on older hardware

With a tagline “Simple, Fast, Free”, Linux Lite makes everything self explanatory – it is a lightweight flavor of Linux based on Ubuntu and works pretty good even on older hardware. It even has a 32-bit version that works on very old computers that have 32-bit only processors. But the 32-bit version is not going to be updated anymore, so while the version 4.0 of 64-bit Linux Lite is being offered for download, latest version for 32-bit Linux Lite is stuck at version 3.8.

Easy for Windows users

Linux Lite is designed for the Linux newbies who have only used Windows (or perhaps Mac) in their life but have never tasted Linux so far. It presents an interface based on Xfce configured to look more like the familiar Windows desktop. This also makes it ideal for dual booting with Windows as you can slowly learn about Linux without suddenly having to learn the basics of Linux operating system.

Linux Lite

Essential software pre-installed

The operating system comes with many of the useful default applications that can do almost everything for everyday computing – word processors, web browsers, email clients, video players, music players and more. You will find many familiar applications like Mozilla Firefox web browser, VLC media player, Libre Office, Mozilla Thunderbird email client and many more. Moreover it comes with a Lite Software using which you can download and install many more applications in your computer.


Linux Lite is a simple and easy to use Linux distro that is going to be ideal for the beginners or people who have old computers. It is lightweight, fast and packs all the essential software for everyday computing needs.

You can download Linux Lite from