Remap Extra Mouse Buttons in Windows with Mouse Manager

Many of us invest in those expensive gaming mice that have many extra buttons on the side that make it easy for you to enjoy playing games on your PC. While these gaming mice are great for playing the games, these mice can also be used for everyday use of the computer albeit the fact that the extra buttons on the mouse remain pretty much unused. If you want to make the most of your expensive gaming mouse then you should remap the extra mouse buttons in order for regular PC use.

For remapping the extra mouse buttons for your gaming mouse, you can use the freeware tool Mouse Manager. This small tool can quickly remap the extra two buttons from a number of gaming mice to any keys of your choice. You can set not only one key but also a sequence of keys to be used for the extra mouse buttons. For example, you can choose F5 key for any these two mouse buttons or you can use the sequence Trisha to type Trisha whenever you press the mouse button.

Mouse Manager

In the Mouse Manager window, you can chose to enable or disable the tool, and to auto-start the application as soon as Windows starts up. Under the profiles section, you can add many different profiles each of which contains a different mapping of keys or sequence of keys for the two extra mouse buttons. Only one of these profiles can be selected at a time.

Mouse Manager

In order to select these profiles, you can right-click on the Mouse Manager icons from the notification area of the Windows desktop. You can also disable it or close the application when you don’t have to use the extra mouse buttons in Windows and want to start playing the games.

You can download Mouse Manager from