How to Livestream Games on Twitch or Youtube Using Cyberlink Screen Recorder

Cyberlink Screen Recorder is perhaps the easiest way to livestream your gameplay on Twitch, Facebook or Youtube. Most gamers prefer Twitch for livestreaming their gameplay as it is a gamer only community. And if you look at the various options described on the Twitch website, you will find complicated to use software such as OBS. This is why many people stay confused and finally give the whole idea of livestreaming.

But you can use Cyberlink Screen Recorder to livestream any activity from your PC screen over to Twitch, Facebook and Youtube without having to configure anything much. Here is how:

  1. Launch Screen Recorder from its desktop shortcut.
  2. Select the Stream tab.Cyberlink Screen Recorder
  3. Click on the livestreaming service that you want to use like Twitch, Youtube etc.
  4. Click on the Login button to authorize Cyberlink Screen Recorder to use your Twitch or Youtube account.
  5. Select a video resolution – you can choose from 1024p to 360p.
  6. Select a video frame rate – you can choose from 24 fps to 60 fps.
  7. Click on the settings icon (cogwheel icon) to change the video title and privacy settings.Cyberlink Screen Recorder
  8. Finally, click on red colored Live button to start the livestreaming.

You can actually skip steps from 5 to 7 as the default settings work flawlessly, but you can configure them to your own needs. Furthermore, instead of click on the Live button, you can use the hotkey F9 for both starting and stopping the livestreaming.

Typically what a gamer has to do is first launch Screen Recorder, login to Twitch or Youtube as explained above and then launch the game. When game is running full screen, now you can press F9 to start the livestreaming. Similarly when you want to end the livestreaming, you can again press F9 and then quit the game screen.

The above screenshots are taken for Screen Recorder 3 SE, the commercial full version has many more features like streaming from other devices such as your camera and mixing various inputs.

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