Lock Mouse Pointer Speed in Windows with KeepMouseSpeedOK

Often it happens that you attach and remove mice in your Windows PC and it results in unexpected mouse pointer movement speeds. Either the pointer accelerates too fast and reaches the edge of your computer screen at the slightest movement of the physical mouse itself, or it becomes so slow that you have to pick up the mouse and drag it a mile before the pointer on the screen starts to visibly move.

To avoid all these annoyances, you can use a simple and free tool called KeepMouseSpeedOK. As the title of the software suggests, it freezes or locks the speed of mouse pointer in your Windows PC. Once you have locked the mouse speed, it stays the same no matter what happens.

Just like all the other programs developed by Nenad Hrg, KeepMouseSpeedOK offers a very familiar interface. The window of the tool has only three controls – two checkboxes and a slider control. The slider control can be used to adjust the speed of the mouse pointer and checkboxes are used for keeping the mouse speed and making it automatically start with Windows.


You can also pull down options to open settings for your mouse and that for ease of access. Furthermore, it places an icon in the system tray using which you can change the mouse pointer speed as well as lock the speed right from the notification area. The settings for mouse speed are locked in such a way by KeepMouseSpeedOK that even any third party applications cannot change it. Once the mouse pointer speed settings are locked, only KeepMouseSpeedOK can unlock them.

KeepMouseSpeedOK is a a simple tool to lock the mouse speed settings in Windows. Not many people will need it, but if your mouse speed gets changed by games or other software, you can use KeepMouseSpeedOK to lock the mouse speed settings easily.

You can download KeepMouseSpeedOK from http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=Microsoft/KeepMouseSpeedOK.