Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt in the Win+X Menu

Some people are unaware of the fact that before Microsoft made profit with Windows, they used to sell another operating system called DOS (acronym for Disk Operating System). DOS was a completely command line system but users could run many office software and games. When Windows 3.1 was introduced to the DOS users, Microsoft provided DOS within Windows as DOS command prompt window. In fact, all versions of Windows until Windows XP were built on top of DOS – first your computer loaded DOS and then from there it launched Windows loader. It was in Windows XP that they stopped calling it DOS and called it simply command prompt.

Perhaps for these reasons, old timers usually show preference to the command prompt even though Microsoft is now offering much more powerful PowerShell. In the newer builds of Windows 10, the Win+X menu shows shortcuts only to PowerShell but Microsoft has not completely removed command prompt from Windows. And here is how you can replace PowerShell with Command Prompt in the Win+X menu:

  1. Click on the Start icon and select Settings from the menu that shows up. Alternatively, you can use the hotkey Win+I for the same.Windows 10 Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt
  2. From the settings window, select Personalization.
  3. Select Taskbar and then turn off the setting Replace command prompt with Windows PowerShell.Windows 10 Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt

After this, when you press the hotkey Win+X or if you right-click on the Start button, you will see the power user menu with shortcuts for command prompt instead of PowerShell. You can launch both the ordinary command prompt and the elevated command prompt from this menu.

You will still be able to launch PowerShell from the menu for Windows File Explorer or from the Start menu. You can even launch it from the command prompt by giving the command PowerShell.exe from withing any command prompt window.