Sortly : Inventory App for Home or Business Use

Whether you have the hobby of collecting items like first editions of books, you have the responsibility to manage office supplies or you run a small store, you can use the free Sortly app for Android or iOS to organize and manage all of your items.

Sortly is very easy to use and anybody can start using it in a few seconds. As you launch the app, you are shown a screen with folders and a plus button. You can arrange various items in your inventory in different folders and in order to add new items, you can tap on the plus icon.

This will open the phone’s camera so that you can take a picture of the item you are adding. Adding the picture of the various items makes it very easy for you to later find the items just by looking at the pictures. After adding the picture, you can add name, description, price, quantity, tags, notes, product information, and lending information. You can also create QR codes for each item that you can later use to print as labels and paste on the products or the boxes containing them. Using these labels with QR codes, you can easily track each item just by scanning the code just like they do in large stores like Walmart.


You can export all of your products or items in files such a PDF or CSV files. The PDF files contain everything including the product images and can be used to print out the entire product catalog on paper. The CSV file can be opened in various programs including Microsoft Excel or LIbreOffice Calc. You can also send the database files to your Dropbox account for creating a backup.

Sortly is a super easy inventory app for managing and tracking your products or items and their details, price, quantity, and also the picture.

You can download Sortly from