Jihosoft ISO Maker : Create, Extract and Burn ISO Disk Images

Jihosoft ISO Maker is a free software to create, extract and burn the ISO images in Windows. It is also able to create the images from many different hard drive partitions to create backups of your files. However, unlike some other advanced ISO creation software like MagicISO or UltraISO, it is not able to create bootable ISO images. It can only create ISO images containing your files and folders without the ability to add the boot information in the ISO images. Despite this limitation, you can use it to burn bootable ISO images created by other programs or downloaded from the internet.

Create partition images

One of the features offered by Jihosoft ISO Maker is to create the ISO images of any of the partitions visible in the Windows File Explorer. This way you can  backup all of your files to an ISO image which can be used later to restore the files that might have got damaged or were accidentally deleted. You just have to select the partition and click on the Create Image button.

Jihosoft ISO Maker

Extract files from ISO images

If you want to extract the images from any of the ISO images, you can load it in Jihosoft ISO Maker and then extract all the files to a folder. This is useful if you want to restore the files backed up using the above-mentioned function of creating the partition images. For this, you have to load an ISO image and when the file structure is visible, you can extract the ISO. But it does not allow you to extract individual files or folders.

Jihosoft ISO Maker

Create ISO images

Jihosoft ISO Maker cannot create ISO images from the media loaded in the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives of your PC. It cannot create bootable ISO images. But you can select files and folders to pack them into an ISO image. It supports ISO 9660, ISO 9660 Joliet and UDF ISO formats.

Jihosoft ISO Maker

Burn ISO images to CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner

It offers a very simple optical media writer software. You have to select the ISO image or select the files/folders you want to burn. Then you can select the optical drive and media type before clicking on the Burn ISO button to start the burning. It supports a majority of the blank CD and DVD media types but does not support Blu-ray media.

Jihosoft ISO Maker

Jihosoft ISO Maker does not offer all the advanced features like in other similar software, for example, the ability to create bootable ISO images, but it is great for creating simpler ISO images in addition to extract files from the ISO images and burn them to optical media.

You can download Jihosoft ISO Maker from https://www.jihosoft.com/backup/iso-maker-free.html.