Midnight Lizard for Firefox Changes Website Colors for Readability

Have you ever come across some very badly designed websites where you cannot really read the information that is being offered. Some of these websites have a black background and then choose dark blue as the text color which makes it virtually impossible to understand anything on the screen. I have personally used workarounds like selecting all the text which makes the text appear white on dark background, or use the Inspector tool in Firefox and modify the website background.

If you are coming across such websites on a regular basis or perhaps if you want to make your eyes relax a little when doing the online reading at night, then you can use the Midnight Lizard extension for Firefox. This extension can automatically change the way websites appear in Mozilla Firefox. It can change the appearance of all the elements in any website such as the background, text, buttons, links, borders, images and so on. This is done by inserting CSS code in the loaded webpage.

Modnight Lizard for Firefox

Midnight  Lizard displays an icon in the Firefox browser’s toolbar. You can click on this icon to toggle on or off the extension for easily applying the custom appearance effects for any website. From the Midnight Lizard settings, you can either pick one of the predefined color schemes or you can create your own schemes. Among the predefined schemes are dimmed dust, apple mint, kappa dream, almond ripe, sunset sails, Halloween, morning mist, antique codex, increased contrast, grayscale, inverted light, inverted grayscale, yellow on black and green on black.

Modnight Lizard for Firefox

If you want a custom scheme, then you can choose the colors for various elements in the webpage such as the background, buttons, borders and more. For each of these elements, you can specify color saturation, contrast, brightness, gray background saturation, default hue gravity, default hue etc. You can apply these effects and save the custom color scheme under a name of your choice.

Modnight Lizard for Firefox

Midnight Lizard is a very useful extension for Firefox users. It can be used to customize the appearance of any and every website on the internet. Additionally, it can give some relief to the eyes from the strain caused by brighter colors.

You can get the Midnight Lizard extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/midnight-lizard-quantum/.