MKVcleaver Takes Apart MKV Media Files

Matroska or MKV is a media file container that can contain many things such as video streams, audio streams, subtitles and more. Usually, you don’t have to worry about what is inside the MKV encapsulated media files, but if you want to extract the audio or subtitles from a video file then you will have to use some tools like MKVToolnix or FFmpeg to do the job. And if you want to make things a tad easier then you can use some other helper tools that make use of FFmpeg or MKVToolnix but are very simple to use in comparison.

MKVcleaver is one of these tools that make use of MKVToolnix but are very easy to use. It is designed to help you extract various parts of a Matroska packed media file such as MKV or WEBM files. The user interface of this program cannot be any easier. You just have to select the video file in MKVcleaver and it will instantly display all the contents of the file. The drag-n-drop interface makes it very easy to select the files. You can then select which of these components have to be extracted. For example, you can choose to extract subtitles, video stream or audio streams from the selected MKV file.


After this you can click on the Extract Tracks button to start the extraction. If the extraction does not work, then you will have to set the folder for MKVToolnix using the Locate MKVToolnix button. If you do not have MKVToolnix on your PC, then you can get it from It is best that you get the portable version of MKVToolnix, extract it into a folder and then select that folder from the MKVcleaver interface.

In addition to extracting the audio or video streams in their original formats, MKVcleaver can also help you convert these streams other formats. For example, it can convert H.264 tracks into AVI format, or it can convert VFR to CFR format.

MKVcleaver is a small tool for extracting subtitles, video and audio from the MKV encapsulated files. Using this tool, we can reduce the size of video files by removing unwanted subtitles and music tracks from the MKV container.

You can download MKVcleaver from