Tweak-SSD : Improve Performance and Prolong Life of Your SSD

More and more people are buying computers that come with a solid state drive (SSD) as opposed to the hard disk drives (HDD). This is because a typical SSD does offer some advantages over any older HDD – it requires less power to perform, the data read/write speeds are far much better and more uniform, the heat generated is minimal in comparison and more. If you have also bought a new computer with a SSD or have just replaced your older HDD with a fresh SSD, then you can improve its performance and prolong its life using a free software called Tweak-SSD.

Tweak-SSD is a free software for Windows that can optimize the operating system to make the SSD more reliable, perform better and last much longer. In its small window, it displays the SSD status, and provides two different ways of optimizing the system – using the TRIM command and using the other small tweaks.


The tweaks include disabling many features that may increase the data read/write events on the SSD. For example, you can disable the Windows indexing service to avoid unnecessary write actions or deactivate the “Prefetch” and “Superfetch” services, which are mainly used for improving the performance of the older HDDs. It can also maximize the disk caching capabilities to reduce the read and write events for the SSD. Another tweak is to deactivate the hibernation state in order to save disk space and lower the additional write operations on the SSD every time you shutdown Windows.

The TRIM method is available only for the licensed users and free users are not allowed to use the TRIM optimization methods. But it is very easy to enable TRIM in Windows – all you have to is open the Admin command prompt and give this command fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 0.

You can download Tweak-SSD from