Zback : Portable Backup Program for Windows

Zback is a small and portable backup program for Windows computers. It is just half a megabyte in download size and can be carried easily on a USB pendrive. It offers folder to folder backup and synchronization making it suitable for simpler and faster backups. It does not offer data compression, data encryption or backup scheduling features usually seen in complicated backup software.

Zback being a portable program, can be launched just by uncompressing the downloaded archive to a folder and double-clicking on the zback.exe program. In fact, zback.exe is the only file needed to run the program so you can actually delete everything else and it will still run as it should. However, .bal files are backup task settings files and should not be deleted.

The user interface of Zback is very easy to follow. You can select a tab for whatever you want to do (simple backup, simple sync or manual backup) and proceed with the steps shown on the screen. For the simple backup, you just have to specify a source folder that you want to backup and a destination folder where you want to store the backup. For the simple sync, it is exactly the same – two folders are needed and they are synced to have the same contents.


In the manual backup tab, you can select source and destination folder, but you can also choose one of the copy modes – update, mirror, copy all files, synchronize, erase source, backup with date, restore from destination folder to source folder etc.

The program supports several copy modes, including “update files”, “refresh existing files”, “mirror source to target”, “synchronize” and “dated backup and restore”. There is also a batch mode provided that can be used to execute several backup tasks at once. Each backup job offers a preview option that allows you to have an idea about which of the files will be copied or removed.

You can download Zback backup software from http://titan.fsb.hr/~dzorc/file_idx.htm.