Atlantis Word Processor Lite : Free Alternative to Microsoft Word

My friend Tiffany bought a new PC a few days ago and then went ahead and bought the expensive Microsoft Office suite. When asked, she told me that it is for opening and printing all those Word documents. Only for this much, she spent tons of money on a really feature rich software suite. It is surprising that so many people buy Microsoft Office but use it only for writing a simple letter that they could have written in Notepad. If you do not need all the bells and whistles of large office suites like Microsoft Office or even Libre Office, then you can try free Atlantis Word Processor Lite.

Atlantis Word Processor Lite is a free and small word processor. The download file size of this software is only 2.8 MB. During the installation it does not install anything else but the word processor. The program itself launched very fast even though it packs all the features you would find in older versions of Microsoft Word such as Microsoft Word 2007.

You can open, edit, and print the Word document formats such as RTF, DOC, DOCX, and also COD which is an encrypted document format. The COD file format is encrypted using the PC1 cipher – the same cipher used by Amazon Kindle to encrypt the ebooks. The COD documents are essentially the Word documents but can be opened only after supplying the password used to encrypt them.

Atlantis Word Processor

If you do not want to install Atlantis Word Processor Lite on all of your computers, then it can be installed on your USB stick in the portable mode. Once this is done, you can use Atlantis Word Processor Lite on any Windows PC just by inserting your USB pendrive. The portable version works exactly like the installed version.

Atlantis Word Processor Lite is ideal for personal use especially for the people who print a letter once in a while. But it can be used to create short notes, multi-page documents or even to write novels, essays, reports, diaries or other complex articles. For this purpose, it has all the most important functions and tools that you would find in other commercial word processors.

You can download Atlantis Word Processor Lite from