Firefox Color : Create Color Themes & Change Firefox Appearance

Firefox Color is a new add-on from Mozilla that helps you change the appearance of Firefox web browser by creating a color theme yourself. You can pick the colors for various parts of the web browser like toolbar, toolbar icons, background color, search bar color, and so on. There are also some preset color themes available that you can pick and instantly change Firefox appearance. Moreover, the extension gives a random button clicking on which it automatically selects random values for all the colors.

After you have installed Firefox Color in the Firefox web browser, you will be able see an icon in the Firefox toolbar for this add-on. Clicking on this icon, you will be able to open Firefox Color webpage anytime you want. From this webpage, you can click on the random icon to automatically and instantly pick the colors for the various parts of the Firefox web browser. You can keep clicking on the random button and it will keep changing Firefox appearance.

Firefox Color

Apart from the random colors, Firefox Color offers some of the preset themes. As of now, it offers eighteen themes and you can simply click on these themes to apply them. Some of these themes also come with a background image that appears in the background of theĀ  Firefox window.

Firefox Color

If you do not like any of these presets and want to create a theme of your own, then you can switch to the custom colors section. Here you can manually select the colors for toolbar, toolbar icons, toolbar text, background, background text, search bar, search bar, highlight, popup background and popup text. As soon as you select the colors, they are applied so you can a live preview of how Firefox looks with your custom colors.

Firefox Color

Just like you can manually select custom colors for Firefox, you can also select custom backgrounds. Firefox Color provides you some of the background images that you can choose. But you can also select PNG, BMP and JPG files from your hard drive and set them as Firefox background images. Once you have created your personal theme, you can either save it or share it with others through an automatically generated URL.

Firefox Color

Firefox Color is a very fun and interesting add-on from Mozilla. It can make Firefox look beautiful all over again. If you are tired of the standard Firefox look, you must try Firefox Color add-on.

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