Fort : Free File Encryption Software for Windows

Fort is a free file encryption software for Windows that also comes with a password management feature. It is available in both the installer form and also as a portable program. The portable program can encrypt files but does not integrate with the Windows File Explorer. The installer version of Fort features a File Explorer extension which makes Fort available in the right-click context-menu of the File Explorer. Other than the File Explorer extension, there is no difference between the regular and the portable versions of Fort.

Fort has a very minimal user interface and is very easy to use even for the beginners. For the file encryption, you have to switch to the Vault tab where you can add as many files or folders as you want. All the files are decrypted immediately after you add them. In order to encrypt the files, you can click on the Encrypt All button in the toolbar. You will be asked for the passphrase and after which all the files in the vault will be encrypted. After encryption the filenames are changed to have a .fortenc extension. Decryption of the files works in a similar fashion.

Fort File Encryption

The Password Manager tab gives you access to the password management features which is more like the Vault but instead of the files, it saves and encrypts the passwords. You can add new passwords or other credentials by clicking on the Add new entry icon. It comes with a password generator that can create very long and strong passwords for your use. Similarly, you can edit, delete or copy the passwords. For accessing the passwords, there is a master passphrase set by you.

Fort File Encryption

In the settings of the program, you can specify whether it should make a backup of the original files before encrypting them and if very weak and insecure passwords should be allowed. You can also set the passphrase to be entered twice for encryption, so that you can be sure that you have used the correct passphrase.

Fort uses very strong AES 256 bit cipher for encryption which is impossible to break even by supercomputers at the present time. It uses an on-screen keyboard for you to enter the passphrase so that any possible keyloggers do not capture your keystrokes.

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