How to Enable Clipboard History in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows operating has the clipboard feature for a number of decades now. The hotkeys to copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) are known to everyone who has used Windows starting from Windows 95 days. Until now clipboard function had stayed exactly the same as it was in Windows 95 – only one item could be copied to the clipboard and if you accidentally copied another, the former items were lost forever. But things have changed in the Windows 10 version 1809 and clipboard has been improved – now it supports history and cloud storage.

Now Windows 10 comes with a Clipboard history option which keeps a backup of all of all the items you copy to the clipboard. By default, clipboard history is not enabled in Windows 10 and does not remember anything that you have copied to the clipboard. You can enable clipboard history in the following manner:

  1. Click on the Start icon on Windows desktop, and then click on the cogwheel icon to open Windows settings. Alternatively, you can also press the hotkey Win+I.
  2. In Windows settings, first select the System category and then Clipboard from the left side.
  3. Here you can turn on clipboard history for the current user.Windows 10 Clipboard
  4. There are many other options about clipboard history such as cloud syncing, and clearing all of the clipboard data from the history.
  5. After this, you can press Win+V hotkey to bring up the clipboard history window to find all the saved clipboard content, delete it or paste it in the current application. If history is not enabled, this small clipboard history window also gives you an option to enable it.Windows 10 Clipboard

When you enable syncing over the cloud using your Microsoft account, you will be able to access the clipboard history on all the other devices where you have been using the same Microsoft account and on the systems where the clipboard history feature is available.