MultiWall : Change Wallpaper on Multiple Screens

Changing the desktop background in a Windows PC is usually the first thing people do when they get a brand new computer. Microsoft has made it very easy too – just right-click on the desktop and you will find options to personalize your computer from where you can choose a desktop background as you want. But what if you have attached multiple screens to your Windows PC? In this case, changing the desktop wallpaper could be a little different. If you want to make things a tad easier and want to change the desktop wallpapers of all the screens attached to your PC, then you can make use of the free MultiWall software.

MultiWall is a free program designed to change the desktop wallpaper of any Windows PC and supports all sorts of PC setup including the computers having multiple screens. It can change the desktop wallpaper of all types of screens – screens that are in-built (laptop screens), screens connected through a cable (usually desktop computers have this kind of screen) and screens connected wirelessly.


MultiWall is able to automatically detect all of the connected screens. You can see all the available screens in the MultiWall interface. You can then select one or more screens and choose a wallpaper for them. If you want a different wallpaper for them, then you can choose a different image for them. You can even create a multi-screen background (wallpaper that stretches across all the connected screens). You can either automatically cut the desired image or bring it to the desired position. If you want more variety, you can also create a slideshow from multiple backgrounds. You can also find various wallpaper images that have been shared by other users of the MultiWall program.

MultiWall makes it easier for you to handle desktop backgrounds when using multiple screens. From different background to the multi-screen backgrounds, you can choose the wallpapers with more flexibility then ever.

You can download MultiWall from