Windows 10 Makes Typing Emojis Anywhere Very Easy

Emoticons or emojis have become a part of casual everyday writing. A small emoji can cleverly convey so much information about how you are feeling about something and can replace long sentences that you might have used instead. For example, when you are writing something that makes you smile, you can add a simple emoji and that will be enough.

Emojis have been fairly easy to type on smartphones as almost all the keyboard apps including Google’s own keyboard app called Gboard support typing emojis anywhere you want. But in desktop computer, people had to copy-paste the emojis to type them or enter them in various websites or document editors. With Windows 10 version 1809, things have changed. Microsoft has made it very easy for you to type emojis anywhere you want in your Windows 10 desktop PC.

Windows 10 Type Emoji Easily

Now in Windows 10, you can use the hotkey Win+. ( hold Windows logo key and press dot key) to display the emoji helper window. When you have not opened any document editor, word processor, web browser etc., the emoji helper is displayed near the notification area in Windows desktop. But this is not how this is supposed to be used. The real use of this emoji helper is when you are typing somewhere, e.g., in Microsoft Word.

Windows 10 Type Emoji Easily

When you are typing something in word processor, text editor, or in some website and if you want to enter an emoji, you can press the hotkey Win+. and the emoji helper will open up. Keep on typing the emoji name (for example, LOL) and it will search the right emoji for you. Pressing Enter key will insert the emoji in the application you are working with. Alternatively, you can also use the Win+. hotkey, bring up emoji helper and then use your mouse to manually browse the emoji that you want to enter.