How to Download All Photos or Albums from Flickr Account

Flickr has become the first choice of storing or sharing your photographs especially for the professional photographers. Until now, all Flickr users were able to upload an large number of photos to their account as long as they fit the capacity of 1 TB storage. But after the recent acquisition of Flickr by SmugMug, they have announced that free users will be limited to only one thousand photos each instead of the previous limit of 1 TB storage. This new policy will take effect starting from February, 2019.

If you do not want to upgrade to the Flickr Pro account which costs $49.99 annually for unlimited storage and other goodies, then you will lose all the extra photos after February, 2019. This is why it is essential that all free Flickr users download all of their photos and store them on removable media like external hard drives instead. Here is how you can download all of your photos from Flickr:

  1. Sign-in to your Flickr account in your desktop web browser.
  2. Select You → Cameraroll from the Flickr menu. You can also enter in the address bar of your web browser.Flickr Download All Photos
  3. Select all the items displayed by clicking on Select All.Flickr Download All Photos
  4. As soon as you select your photos, you will see new options floating near the bottom edge of the webpage. From these options, click on the Download button.Flickr Download All Photos
  5. A confirmation dialog will appear in which you have to click on the Create zip file button.Flickr Download All Photos

Flickr will take some time to create a ZIP archive of all of your photos and then send you an email containing a link using which you can download it. Depending on how many photos you have in your Flickr account, it will take more or less time to create the ZIP archive. If you have many thousand photos, then you may want to select the files in many batches so that you do not have to download one massive ZIP file.