How to Find Energy and Memory Usage of Open Tabs in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browser and with the Quantum upgrade it has certainly become faster. But some people still complain about the heavy memory consumption by Firefox compared to some of the other web browsers such as Google Chrome. If you want to know how much memory each of the tabs or extensions is consuming and how much energy they are using then you can use the Task Manager built inside the Firefox web browser.

This new task manager in the Firefox web browser is available only in the Firefox versions 65 and above. This task manager allows you to see the memory and CPU usage by various components in the web browsers such as extensions, plugins and open tabs. If you find that any of these components is using excessive amount of memory or energy then you can close them. Here is how:

  1. Enter about:performance in the address bar of Firefox browser. Alternatively, you can also select from the Firefox menu More → Task manager.Firefox Task Manager
  2. In the task manager that shows up, you can see extensions, pre-loaded tabs, open tabs, plugins and the task manager itself in the list. For each of these processes, you can see the amount of memory used and the energy impact.Firefox Task Manager
  3. If you move the mouse pointer over any of these entries, a closing button will appear on the far right to end the process using which you can close the tabs or open add-ons or plugins screen to disable them.

Task manager for Firefox is a really useful feature for everyone. Using this feature, you can find which of the tabs is using too much memory or the CPU and can close them to bring down the overall memory consumption of the Firefox browser. It is rumored to get more features in the new versions of Firefox.