Icecream PDF Editor : Create and Edit PDF Documents Easily

Icecream PDF Editor is an advanced document editor for PDF files. It is able to create new PDF documents as well as edit the PDF files generated by some other software. Unlike the expensive Adobe Acrobat PDF editor software, Icecream PDF Editor is free for use, very small in size, does not hog all of your system resources and is fairly easy to use. It works on Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10 and does not have very high system requirements.

Icecream PDF Editor features a tabbed user interface which facilitates opening and editing of multiple PDF documents simultaneously. The design of the editor looks very similar to LibreOffice which all the editing tools placed on the left side and a page preview being displayed on the right side. The pages can be zoomed in or out to help you with editing them easily. The tools are displayed in two categories editing and annotating.

Icecream PDF Editor

You can create a new document or you can open already existing PDF documents from the menubar. Using a rich set of editing tools, you can add text, images, geometric shapes, arrows in the document. From the annotating tools, you can also add text, geometric shapes, arrows, sticky notes, highlight various objects, strikeout text, change text formatting, add stamps and more. The difference between editing and annotating tools is that the latter is more suitable for the PDF documents that were already created by other PDF software.

Icecream PDF Editor

The PDF document that you edit or create using Icecream PDF Editor, can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access. You can set the file permissions and set a password to open the PDF document or to edit the PDF document.

Icecream PDF Editor is an excellent free PDF editor and allows you to manipulate the PDF documents in all the possible ways. It also comes with a full set of editing tools for creating of new PDF documents.

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