Labography : Design, Edit, Batch Process and Publish Graphics

If you ask advanced graphics designers for a suggestion about a graphic design software, they will all talk about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Corel PaintShop Pro etc. But all of these software suites take a long time to learn and you have to pay lots of money to buy them. If you want a free graphic editing software that does not take that long time to get familiar with, then you can try the free Labography software suite.

Labography is a free extensive drawing and image editing suite. It packs all the features that you would perhaps find in many different graphics editing programs. Labography offers all the different tools and programs for image editing, graphics designing and even publishing. With the Freeware Labography you can create graphics and drawings, edit your photos with filters and effects, automatically format as many shots as you like via batch or export the finished projects as PDF and mail.


Labography sports a tabbed user interface. It contains five different tabs – Graphics Design, Photo Editing, Batch Processing, Prelude (Preview) and Publishing for a drawing program, for image editor, for processing multiples images at the same time, for previewing the end result and for publishing them either online or as different files types respectively. You can export any of your images as Microsoft Word document or as Adobe PDF document without having to install any commercial software.

When you open an image or create a new drawing, you can process or edit it using any of these components just by switching to the respective tabs. This makes it easy for you to take your images from one stage to another without having to launch many different programs.

Labography is more than enough for the tasks of designing or editing graphics. It also helps you print the images on your printer or export the graphics in other file formats.

You can download Labography from