Load Fonts Temporarily in Windows Through Command Line Interface

We published a portable tool called FontLoader for everyone a while back. This tool can be used to load a number of fonts temporarily in Windows for your use and when you have done using these fonts, you can unload them. This way you do not have to install a large number of fonts in Windows permanently. Some people asked for a command line tool that can do the same and load a list of fonts from plain text file. So we have released a command line interface (CLI) version of the same tool.

The CLI version of FontLoader can load a single font or a number of fonts through a file containing a list of fonts from the convenience of command line interface. If you want to load a single font, for example, “cardiff.ttf” then you can give this command:

fontloader cardiff.ttf


Of course, you have to specify full path of the font file unless it is located in the same folder as the program file “fontloader.exe”. If you want to load more than one fonts, then you can create a simple text file using Windows Notepad or Notepad++. In this text file, you can add the full path of font file with a few guidelines-

  • If font files are located in same folder as fontloader.exe, there is no need of adding path (e.g., cardiff.ttf)
  • If font files are located in a different folder, must add full path (e.g., D:\fonts\cardiff.ttf)
  • If path contains space, must enclose the font path within double-quotes (e.g., “D:\my fonts\cardiff.ttf”)
  • The list file must have an empty new line in the end without which the last font won’t load.
  • It must be saved with the TXT file extension.


With a font list file ready, you can give the following command:

fontloader myfontfile.txt

This will go through the whole list one line at a time and load the fonts if possible. The console will show you if the fonts were loaded successfully or they failed to load. After you are done using the fonts, you can press any key to unload the fonts and properly close the program. After the fonts have been loaded, do not close the program by closing the command prompt (“cmd.exe” console) window. Closing the program improperly will prevent the loaded fonts from being unloaded later.


You can download FontLoader CLI version from https://www.trishtech.com/downloads/fontloader-command-line.zip