MyDefragGUI : Free Tool for Defragmenting Hard Drives

MyDefragGUI is an advanced tool for defragmentation of hard drives in Windows. It is actually a GUI front-end of MyDefrag which is a bit hard to use because you have to pass parameters to it. MyDragGUI makes it easy for you to use MyDefrag through its graphical user interface. Both of these tools are developed by the same person Jeroen Kessels. He has previously developed another defragmenting tool called JKDefrag, but MyDefrag is a newer software and supersedes the older JKDefrag.

MyDefragGUI is a portable tool and is very small in size (the complete package is less than 2 MB) which makes it an ideal candidate for your portable tool collection that you can carry on your USB drive and use on any Windows PC when needed. MyDefragGUI features many defragmenting and optimization options, task scheduler for running the defragmenting at a convenient time, a screensaver that defragments your hard drives too, and obviously the command line version of the tool MyDefrag which can be used to from an elevated command prompt or can be included in your batch scripts.


If you are a beginner, then you do not have to waste any time on selecting different options as the default options work for optimizing your hard drives. You just have to launch MyDefragGUI, select one or more of the hard drives and then click on the Start button. This will start the MyDefrag program which would begin to analyze your hard drive followed by defragmenting its contents.

For an intermediate user, other options exist like choosing an action that can streamline the contents of your hard drives, scheduling the defragmenting tasks for various partitions, or configuring the screensaver that can auto-defrag your partitions when your PC is otherwise idle.


MyDefragGUI is a very fast defragmenting tool like its predecessor. It is safe to use and takes multiple measures against any data loss during the process. Besides defragmenting the hard drives, it can also defragment external devices such as portable storage devices. But it should be avoided for SSD and other flash storage devices.

You can download MyDefragGUI from