Overclock AMD Ryzen CPU with AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen processors have become the first choice of many PC gamers. AMD Ryzen family of processors are really very powerful and combined with a good motherboard and a big bank of RAM modules, you can take your gaming experience to next level. Usually, you do not have to overclock the AMD Ryzen processors as they are already very powerful, but if you want to make it run even at a higher clock frequency then AMD is offering an easy to use overclocking tool called AMD Ryzen Master.

With the free software AMD Ryzen Master, you can overclock the AMD CPUs of the current Ryzen generation. By overclocking the CPU and configuring the CPU features, you can get more power from your CPU. Of course, when you overclock your AMD Ryzen CPU, it will void the warranty for the CPU. The technicians can determine easily whether a CPU was overclocked by the user.

AMD Ryzen Master

Using the AMD Ryzen Master software, the speed and clock frequency rates of one or more CPU cores can be individually manipulated. You can also turn off the cores completely in order to save energy and reduce the hear being generated. You can also change the CPU voltage and micro-tune the CPU cache speed. The change in the individual values ​​can be viewed and displayed as a histogram. The integrated GPU in the AMD Ryzen processors (Radeon Vega graphics processor) can also be overclocked using this utility for even higher gaming performance.

AMD Ryzen Master is an official application created by AMD company, used to overclock the AMD Ryzen processors. But this does not mean that it will not void your CPU’s warranty when you try to overclock your CPU using it. In addition to modifying the voltage, memory clock frequency of all cores of the processor, you an also monitor the CPU performance and temperature.

You can download AMD Ryzen Master utility from https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/ryzen-master.