Path Copy Copy : File Explorer Extension to Copy File or Folder Paths

There are so many times when you are working with the command line interface in the CMD shell or with PowerShell that you have to copy/paste the full path of certain files or folders. For this, you have to first copy the folder path from the File Explorer window’s location bar and then copy the file name later to build the full path name for a file. This is not only time wasting process but it is also very annoying. If you want to make everything easier and faster then you can use an open-source tool “Path Copy Copy”.

Path Copy Copy is designed to work for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. It works for all versions of Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 10. But it does require you to install .NET 3.5 SP1 framework. During the installation it asks which type of commands are to be added to the File Explorer context-menu – common path copy commands, network path copy commands or all of them.

Path Copy Copy

After it is installed, when you right-click on any file or folder in File Explorer (you can also select multiple items to copy all of their paths), you will see the various options to copy the file or folder paths. One option is given in the context-menu itself and many more options are given in the “Path Copy” sub-menu.  If you do not use all of these commands to copy the paths, then you can easily turn them off or on from the settings.

Path Copy Copy

In the settings for Path Copy Copy, you can choose which commands are to be displayed in the main File Explorer context-menu and which of them should be displayed in the sub-menu. You can also make them display in both the main menu and the sub-menu. Among some other options, you can choose to disable the sub-menu, copy multiple paths in same line or different lines, encode quotes around the path names and more.

Path Copy Copy

Path Copy Copy is a very useful and productive File Explorer extension that can save your time and makes it very convenient to copy the path names of files and folders to the clipboard.

You can download Path Copy Copy from