Quick Access Popup : Free App Launcher for Windows

Even though Microsoft Windows 10 does come with a Start menu and a power user menu (Win+X), but none of these are easy to customize for the regular users. There are some tools to manipulate these both, but they are not easy to use and require administrator privileges. If you want to access some apps, shortcuts or folders quite often then you can use a third-party freeware app launcher called Quick Access Popup. It is a multi-purpose launcher for Windows complete with its own hotkeys. It is basically a Start menu for your personal use that can be fully configured as per user’s desire.

Quick Access Popup is available in form of a setup package and also as a portable application. After the installation, you can access it quickly using the hotkey Win+W. The popup menu that shows up displays some of the pre-configured shortcuts to various folders, programs and other things. If you want to add the currently open folder or website to this menu, then you can use the hotkey Shit+Ctrl+A.

Quick Access Popup

Quick Access Popup also places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can right-click on it to access some basic features like opening the settings, disabling the hotkeys, restore default settings, editing the ini file settings (for portable version), restart Quick Access Popup or exit it.

Quick Access Popup

In the settings for Quick Access Popup, you can configure the complete popup menu, its contents and the various actions. You can add new items, edit existing items and delete them. You can assign different hotkeys for the various items. You can even change the icons used by the program to something you like.

Quick Access Popup

Conclusion: Quick Access Popup is a highly customizable multi-purpose app launcher that can make your everyday life easy by providing you quick links and hotkeys to your often used apps, folders, websites and more.

You can download Quick Access Popup from https://www.quickaccesspopup.com/.