Update Manager for Windows (WuMgr) Helps Manage Updates in Windows 10

Microsoft has been having problems lately when it comes to delivering updates for Windows 10. Last month they had to pull the release of the version 1809 of Windows 10 because it caused severe problems for many users. When they released the update this month, many AMD chipset based computers had to experience the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD). This is why many Windows users are now using different third-party tools to disable the Windows Updates and enable them only when they don’t hear any bad news about the latest batch of the Microsoft updates.

Update Manager for Windows (WuMgr) is one of these tools using which you can manage the automatic updates in Windows. It is a portable tool and an be used to delay updates, uninstall already installed updates, or manually start installing an update. You can also use it to disable the automatic updates for Windows as well as for the Windows modern apps.

Update Manager for Windows

You can see the list of all the installed updates in its window – you can choose to view hidden updates, updates history as well. You can easily install upcoming updates manually or simply by clicking on “Hide” on the ignore list sets. Already installed updates can also be removed later.

In the lower-left corner, you can find very powerful functions. Under the “Options” tab, you can enable offline mode (so that it does not download new updates database), register Microsoft Update, manually install all the updates or silently install the updates in the background. Under the “Auto-Updates” tab, you can block the Microsoft update servers, disable automatic updates, disable Microsoft store updates, disable the updates of device drivers and more.

Update Manager for Windows (WuMgr) is a nifty tool for Windows updates management. You can have full control over how, when and which of the updates are installed in your Windows PC. It works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1.

You can download WuMgr from https://github.com/DavidXanatos/wumgr/releases.