Vov Disk Benchmark : Test Hard Drive Performance in Windows

When we are making a decision to buy a new hard drive or solid state drive, we often look at its specifications like the SATA interface supported and the data transfer rate. But these specifications are the maximum possible data transfer rates tested in the manufacturer’s labs. When you install these storage devices on your computer their data transfer rates will be limited by your computer’s motherboard, cables connecting the storage drive to your motherboard, the power supply quality, the amount of RAM installed, the operating system, and many more factors.

Only way to find the actual data transfer rates for any storage device is to test it on your own computer and not just read the package labels or read the reviews done by someone else. Using a software called Vov Disk Benchmark, you can test the write and read data rates of your storage devices including the hard drives, solid state drives, external storage drives, memory cards, pendrives and more.

Vov Disk Benchmark

Vov Disk Benchmark has the simplest user interface possible. You have to select the target drive from the drop-down list and then select either a large file test or a small file test. Depending on the test type chosen, it creates large size or small size files, verifies their data and then deletes them. The data transfer rate is determined using this process and is displayed at the end of the test.

In the results of the test, it displays the number of files created and how much was the size of each of these files. It shows the total time elapsed in reading and writing the files and using this time elapsed it calculates the data transfer rates for reading and writing these files. These results can be exported to a file as well.

Vov Disk Benchmark

Vov Disk Benchmark is the easiest and simplest disk benchmark test. Obviously, it cannot be compared with the popular benchmark tools like Everest Ultimate or SiSoft Sandra but it gives you a basic idea about the performance of your storage devices. However it shows a nag-screen every time you use it unless you pay for the license key.

You cna download Vov Disk Benchmark from https://vovsoft.com/software/vov-disk-benchmark/.