AlterPDF : Free PDF Document Manipulator for Windows

PDF documents are everywhere and sometimes you have to find ways to edit them a little. For example, if your editor sends you a manuscript or rough draft in the PDF document format, then you must edit it a little to indicate which parts need changes. For other documents such as Microsoft Word, it is much easier as those are designed to be readily edited. But in case of PDF documents, you do not have many options. Now a freeware called AlterPDF is going to change everything – you can use it to modify, convert and manipulate any PDF document easily.

AlterPDF uses a very simple approach towards modifying the PDF documents. You have to first add the source PDF documents in its window. After this, you can choose all the operations that you want to perform. These operations are categorized in three groups – conversion, modification and security. Using these operations you can convert PDF to images, create PDF from images, extract text or images, merge or split PDF, extract or remove pages, rotate pages, crop pages, encrypt or decrypt the file, change metadata of PDF or digitally sign the PDF file.


All these operations can be performed on a single PDF file or you can carry them out on several PDF files all at once. Even though, there is no direct editing function included in AlterPDF, it does facilitate editing PDF files in an indirect manner through the “PDF to images” and “images to PDF” functions. You can first convert your PDF document into JPEG images, then edit these JPEG images with any image editor such as or even MS Paint, and finally put all the images back into a PDF document. This way you get an edited form of the original PDF document.

You can download AlterPDF for Windows from