Automatically Switch to Dark Mode in Windows 10

Microsoft developers have been constantly working on making Windows much more stress-free for the users who have to use their computers for a long time. First Microsoft introduced a feature in Windows 10 called Night light which can be used to automatically change the color temperature in your screen after the Sun has set. You can learn more about Night light here: how to enable Night light in Windows 10. After this, Microsoft added another feature called Dark Mode in Windows 10 which can be used to turn user interface of various apps completely dark. Both of these features are used to reduce the strain on your eyes, but the latter feature has to be manually changed. How many users manually switch between dark mode and light mode?

To address this problem, now there is an open-source program called “Windows Auto-Night Mode” that can be used to automatically switch between the dark mode and the light mode at pre-specified times. It is a very small program that can be used to manually enable the dark mode or the light mode as well as to auto-switch between the two.

Windows Auto-Night Mode

In the program, you can choose three options – Dark mode, Light mode or Change automatic for the obvious effects. The last option is to be combined with specifying the times when the light mode is enabled and when the dark mode is enabled. By default, it has 7 AM for enabled the light mode and 7 PM for enabling the dark mode, but you can specify any time of your choice.

The program accepts command line parameters – /light to enable the light mode, /dark to enable the dark mode and /removetask to remove the automatic mode switcher task. Even though these switches are used internally by the program, you can also use them, for example, in batch scripts.

Behind the scenes, it just adds or removes a single registry value AppsUseLightTheme as we have already explained in a previous article – how to enable Dark mode in Windows 10. For making everything automatic, it schedules a task to change this registry value.

Conclusion: “Windows Auto-Night Mode” is a very small program that can act as an extension of already existing Dark mode feature to protect your eyes from the strain caused by brightly lit computer screens.

You can download “Windows Auto-Night Mode” from