Context Cleaner : Manage Windows Context-Menu Items

When you install software in Windows, some of the programs add context-menu items. These items appear every time  you right-click inside a folder or over the files. While some of these right-click context-menu items are useful, others are just useless or are rarely used. Furthermore, there are some programs that do not remove the context-menu items even when the programs are uninstalled by the user. All these unwanted context-menu items can be removed easily with the help of a tool called Context Cleaner.

Context Cleaner is a small portable tool that allows you to delete context-menu items in Windows. In Addition, you can also disable, enable or add new items too. The interface of the Context Cleaner is very simple and effective. You have to select select one of the context-items from the left side tree-view control and all the context-menu entries for it will be displayed in the right-side pane. For example, when you select Folder Context Items, you will be shown all the context-menu entries. You can then select any of these entries and take actions like disabling them, enabling them or deleting them.

Context Cleaner

Before you delete an entry, it is wise to create a backup of your Registry files because deleted items won’t come back if you later want these entries back. This is why instead of deleting an entry, you should first disable it and see what impact it makes on your everyday computing activities. If you do not see any adverse impact on your everyday computer life even after a few weeks or a couple of months have passed, then you can remove those entries permanently by deleting them.

Context Cleaner can help you have a smarter, compact and clean context-menu in your Windows PC. But it does not create backup of Registry entries, therefore a precautionary measure is advised.

You can download Context Cleaner from