How to Set XMPlay as Default Music Player in Windows 10

XMPlay is a lightweight, cross-platform and open-source music player. It consumes very little of your system resources and plays all the popular audio file formats flawlessly. It is designed to imitate popular but defunct Winamp music player and supports all the same features including the skins. But XMPlayer for Windows is available only as a portable program and leaves it to the users to associate the audio files with itself so that you can play music just by double-click on the audio files.

If you want to set XMPlay as the default music player in Windows 10 then you can follow these simple instructions:

  1. Launch XMPlay and right-click on its window. Select Options and stuff from the right-click menu.XMPlayer
  2. In the options window that shows, select Integration category, click on the all button to select all the file formats that you want to associate with XMPlay, and then click on the Apply button.XMPlayer
  3. Press Win+I to open Windows 10 settings. In the settings window, select Apps and then Default Apps.
  4. Click the default app for Music and choose XMPlayer from the list that appears.XMPlayer
  5. Now you have set XMPlay as your default music player program in Windows 10.

Had it been Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, only first two steps were needed to set XMPlay as the default music player. But in Windows 10, Microsoft has made it a little difficult for you to set applications as default programs. First two steps are needed for setting XMPlay as the registered music player application in the Windows registry. After this, you have to choose XMPlay as the default application for playing audio files from the Windows 10 settings. Successful association with XMPlay will change the icons of music files (such as MP3 or WAV files) to that of XMPlay.

In case you have never heard for XMPlayer, you can download it from the website of un4seen development :