TaskSpace : Groups Apps in a Single Window for Easy Access

Some software suites such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop come with all the necessary tools that can be accessed from within the same window. But sometimes, you do not work with well designed software suites and you have to resort to working with several applications in order to achieve your goal. In the process of working with multiple programs, you have to switch back and forth from one application window to another again and over again. Instead of wasting time in finding the windows from the taskbar or using the Alt+Tab switcher repeatedly, you can group all the necessary program windows together in a single window using a free tool called TaskSpace.

TaskSpace provides two ways of grouping the windows related to various applications together – the easiest one is to simply drag-n-drop those windows into one of the TaskSpace containers. The second way is through the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+M which moves the currently active window into the last active TaskSpace. You can have more than one TaskSpace containers which makes grouping several applications together based on what you need them for. You can right-click on any window contained within TaskSpace to find options to detach it from the TaskSpace and move it to another TaskSpace.


These different TaskSpaces are accessibly from the Taskbar and the notification area icon of TaskSpace. Once you close the TaskSpace, its windows are automatically detached and are displayed separately once again. But if you do not close a TaskSpace, these windows stay within the TaskSpace and next time you run TaskSpace, you will be able to access all of these programs contained inside a TaskSpace just by launching TaskSpace without having to run all the programs individually.


TaskSpace groups many windows together to help you focus on tasks at hand instead of wasting time in finding these windows. The concept is very interesting but it may not be very productive on small size screens such as those of the laptop computers.

You can download TaskSpace from http://www.systemgoods.com/.