Xiaomi Releases Mint Web Browser for Android

Xiaomi, China’s leading smartphone manufacturer, has released a new web browser for the Android smartphone users. The new web browser is called Mint browser and is available from Google Play Store for device running on Android 4.4 KitKat and above. The browser is not only very small in download size but also takes smaller storage space compared to other well known web browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Xiaomi Mint is a very lightweight web browser. On an Android Nougat 7 smartphone, the download size was just 6.8 MB. While the other browsers require more than 30 MB of download for their installation to complete. With just a small download, it provides you all the same features like other popular web browsers – incognito mode, data saving mode, dark or night mode etc.

Xiaomi Mint Browser

As soon as you launch the Mint browser, you will see a microphone icon on its home screen. You can tap on this icon to search the web using your voice. Voice search is also available in other browsers, but you have to tap in the address bar while in the Mint browser this feature is easily accessible through a big blue microphone button. The voice search in Mint browser is powered by Google and therefore is very accurate for all the different accents.

Mint browser have some features built inside it like arrangement of multiple windows and user agent string customization. You can change multiple windows arrangement to either vertical or horizontal. You can change the user agent string to Android, Desktop, iPhone or iPad. For features like this, you have to install add-ons in some of the other browsers.

Xiaomi Mint Browser

Like all the other web browsers these days, it also comes with a night mode. You can toggle the night mode it  by tapping on the menu icon and then on the crescent moon icon. It basically changes the browser interface to dark and also changes the websites into a darker mode to reduce the strain on your eyes.

All in all, Xiaomi Mint web browser is a well balanced and lightweight web browser. It works great even on Android devices with low specs.

You can download Xiaomi Mint web browser from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mi.globalbrowser.mini.