Ashampoo PDF Free : View and Create PDF Documents

PDF documents are used when you do not want the contents of the documents to be changed by anyone or when you want the documents to appear exactly the same on all the devices. PDF documents come with in-built password protection which allows the creator to limit the different things that can be done with PDF files – view the, print them, copy/paste text etc. While there are so many applications that can be used to create PDF documents, not many of them provide easy user interface or all the features expected from an editor.

Ashampoo PDF Free is a software that fulfills all the requirements of a good PDF editor. It is a comprehensive software that allows you not only to view the PDF documents, but also to create and edit them when needed. It is 367 MB in download size and can be used on any Windows computer.

Ashampoo PDF Free

This application sets itself as the default PDF viewer after the installation. Now you can double-click on any PDF file to open and view it inside Ashampoo PDF reader. If you want to edit a PDF file, you can first open it in Ashampoo PDF (by double-clicking on a PDF file) and then choose edit controls from the menubar. It allows you to insert and remove pages from existing PDF documents. If you want to create a new PDF file, it makes it very easy and displays an interface resembling that of popular office software.

It also installs a virtual PDF printer driver in your Windows PC which enables you to convert any other document and save it as a PDF file. For example, you can open an image file in your favorite image viewer such as Irfan View, choose to print it, select Ashampoo PDF printer and it will be converted into a PDF document.

Ashampoo PDF free contains all the tools that are essential for creating, editing and reading PDF documents. They also offer a paid pro version that has many more features like word processor like convenience of creating and editing PDF documents.

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