CWSysInfo : Portable System Information Tool for Windows

In Microsoft Windows, you can display the basic system information by pressing the hotkey Win+Pause. This information shows the version of Windows that you are using, the CPU being used, installed system RAM, whether you are using a touch ready device, and the activation state of Windows installation among a few other things. But this is a very limited amount of information available about your system. For example, it does not show the motherboard model or how many slots are free for installing new RAM modules. To find all the extra information, you have to use third-party programs like SiSoft Sandra, SIW or Speccy.

CWSysInfo is also another system information tool that can collect and display detailed information about your Windows computer. It is portable and does not require any installation – you can download it and run on your system. After a few minutes of analysis, it will populate all the fields displaying you all the detailed information about your system.


The user interface of CWSysInfo is nicely designed with multiple tabs on the left side of its window. A different tab is used to display information related to a different category and the tabs are labeled accordingly, for example, system, RAM, BIOS, memory, operating system, programs, disk, network, devices, services, auto-start, USB, hotfixes installed, running processes, and more. You can generate report in the ASCII text format and save it to your computer as well.

Unfortunately, the user interface of this program is not entirely in English and there are some German words being used here and there which might make it a little confusing. This is why we don’t recommend it to any of English speaking users. Instead, they can find Speccy much better both in terms of use interface and detailed information.

You can download CWSysInfo from