Delete Files for Good with NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool

Ever since the times of Windows 95, people have been deleting files using the inbuilt File Explorer command without realizing that the file data is not actually removed from the hard drive. Deleting files from withing the File Explorer just removes the entry of that file from the file table while keeping its data intact. You can compare it with a situation when a librarian removed the name of a book from the book catalogue but forgets to remove the actual book from the library.

Because of this, you can recover the deleted files very easily using specialized tools such as Recuva. These file recovery tools can read the actual data from the hard drive and reproduce the original files as if they were never deleted. The only way to delete files with surety is to overwrite the files data prior to deleting them. NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool is one of such tools that can use a number of algorithms to erase the files permanently and securely.

NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool

This tool has an easy-to-use interface and you can simply drag-n-drop the files on its window to add them to the secure erase list. After this you simply have to click on the Erase button. File Shredder Tool will use one of the selected algorithms for securely erasing the files.

NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool supports many different shredding algorithms including single pass, 3 passes (DoD), 7 passes (DoD), 35 passes (Gutmann), 50 passes (Extreme) or even 100 passes (Insane). If you choose a stronger algorithm with multiple passes, then it will take a longer time to finish erasing the files. For the modern hard drives, a method with more than 3 passes is considered sufficient. And for the solid state drives, shredder tools are not needed.

NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool

It also adds itself to the right-click context-menu of Windows File Explorer so that you can right-click on files and folders to send them to the shredder quickly.

You can download NoVirusThanks File Shredder Tool from