Password Checkup for Chrome : Find if Any Data Breaches Affect You

Google has released a new extension for the Chrome web browser called Password Checkup. This new extension can tell you whether any of your recently used passwords were involved in any of the known data breaches. You have to install this extension in your Chrome browser and then it will inform you whenever any of your passwords appear in the data dumps that appear online for some known data thefts.

After installation of this extension, when you login to an online account, it will tell you whether your password is safe or not. If your password is matched in one of the known data breach databases, then it will display red colored information – “Password Checkup has detected that your password is no longer safe due to a data breach.” If you don’t care too much for a secure password then you can set the website to ignore.

However, if it does not find your password in any of the known data breach incidents, then it won’t show any alert. When you click on its icon in the Chrome toolbar, it will display green colored information – “None of your recently used password were detected in a data breach.”

Google Password Checkup

There are not much of options available for this extension. There is just one “Advanced Setting” that allows you to clear the extension data. Clearing this data is useful if you want to remove all the information about previously used unsafe passwords and the websites that you have set to ‘ignore’ for password checking.

If you are scared at the thought of this extension sending your password or login data over to Google servers, then there is no need to worry. Google declares that all the information is known only to you and that the extension requests sent to Google are totally anonymous .

You can get the Password Checkup extension from