WinCam : Record PC Screen and Webcam Easily

If you want to make tutorial videos that show how to do everything with a particular piece of software, website or even the operating system itself, then you do not have to fiddle around with a number of screen recording tools. You can use WinCam for all your screen recording requirements. WinCam is a handy and easy-to-use screen recording software for Windows. It is able to record not only the computer screen but also the webcam attached to your computer. The webcam stream is shown inside an inset over the recorded screen and you can record both the system audio and the microphone input.

Unlike some other similar programs that can confuse you, WinCam is relatively easy for even the beginners. In the WinCam window, you basically have to select the source (region of the PC screen that you want to capture and the audio inputs) and click on the Record button to start recording. You can choose to capture full-screen, pre-specified sized regions or custom-sized region of your screen. For the audio recording, you can select the system audio (whatever is being played on your PC) and the microphone input.


Among other things, you can choose the FPS rate from 5 to 60 for the video, you can select the video quality from low, medium and high, you can choose to include the cursor images of your mouse movement along with a highlighting circle.

The webcam input is placed inside a rectangular inset over the video near the top-right corner. It is a great feature as you can talk to the viewers as you show something happening in your screen. This is same as you would often see on Twitch game broadcasters stream where game screen is shown while the gamer’s face and voice can be heard from the inset.

WinCam is not free software and unless you buy a license key, it will put a watermark on all of your videos asking you to buy the license key.

You can download WinCam from