Bullseye Color Picker – Free Color Finder for Web and Graphics Designers

When working with images in graphics editing programs, sometimes you have to find out the exact RGB color codes for a particular element of an image so that you can use it in various tools of an image editor. Similarly, web designers have to know the HEX color code of some elements from an image so that they can use this color value in the HTML part of the webpage, for example, in the cascading style sheets.

Bullseye Color Picker is a free software that is an ideal tool for finding the color codes of any pixel in anything visible on your screen. It is specially useful for the web designers, artists, software developers and graphics designers as they all have to work with the color codes during their everyday work.

In the Bullseye Color Picker, there are two ways of selecting a color. You can select a color of your choice from the palette available in the window of this color tool itself. This color palette allows you to pick a pre-specified color or you can modify the color to suit your needs. You can also use the target color tool to pick the color of any thing being displayed on your screen.

Bullseye Color Picker

You can pick two colors at the same time – color 1 and color 2. For both the colors, it displays the RGB value and hex values to be used in various languages such as C++, Delphi, HTML and Visual Basic. You can click on the C button next to these values to quickly copy them to the clipboard. Bullseye color picker can be used in the normal mode or the mini mode. In the mini mode, you can pick only one color and is useful if you do not want to pick and use more than one color value at a time.

Bullseye Color Picker is a very productive and useful tool for finding colors of anything visible on your screen. This small tool is of great use for web and graphics designers.

You can download Bullseye Color Picker from http://www.magnonic.com/colorpicker.shtml