dupeGuru : Find Duplicate Files in Windows

dupeGuru is an open-source application for Windows designed to find all the duplicate files on your computer. It uses many different algorithms to scan for the duplicate files in Windows. It can find the duplicate files based on their content, based on their filenames and is also able to find duplicate folders based on their names.

Being a portable application, it can be run immediately after downloading from the internet. It is also an ideal candidate for your portable programs collection. The user interface of dupeGuru offers three modes – music, picture and standard. These modes are designed for finding identical music files, identical pictures and other type of identical files.


You begin by adding folders to the dupeGuru interface by clicking on the small “+” button given near the bottom edge of the dupeGuru window. Similarly, using a “-” button, you can remove the added folders. After this, you have to select a scan type – filenames, content or folder. The content scan type matches the contents of all the files and therefore takes a very long time but is also the most accurate.

Clicking on the “Scan” button will initiate the scanning of duplicate files in the specified folders based on your scan preferences. If it does find duplicates, a new window will be displayed where all the duplicate files are grouped together and you will be able to select and delete the files you do not want.


dupeGuru uses fuzzy logic to match filenames (in case you use file name scan type). This means that it finds similar filenames in addition to the exact matches. Through the use of fuzzy logic the scanning of thousands of files is performed and finished in a matter of seconds. In addition to Windows, dupeGuru is also available for Linux and Mac OS computers.

You can download dupeGuru from https://dupeguru.voltaicideas.net/.